Industrial Operations

At Veolia Water Technologies, operating and maintaining critical utility needs for our customers is part of our core business.

Our operation teams build on our technical expertise and focused management systems to deliver consistent, guaranteed quality and availability to clients in every industrial activity and municipal service.


Veolia has a proven record of delivery innovative and reliable utility operating services utilizing individual contractual structures to meet specific needs and build long term partnership.

Our business strategy is founded on the principles of partnership to deliver:

  • Reliable services to minimize production downtime
  • Excellence in health, safety and environmental management
  • Ethical and transparent business model
  • Benefit sharing models which reduce our clients costs
  • Waste minimization and by product recovery
  • Technical support and innovation
  • Funding and financing options for capex investment


Operations and Maintenance

Guaranteed KPI's for utility delivery backed by strong contractual commitment. Our dedicated site teams operate 24/7 with technical support available from regional experts to address exceptional challenges and to develop site specific solutions.

Our operations teams are embedded into our customers' production facility bringing utility management excellence to help your business succeed.

Upgrade Solutions

Our flexible approach and capability in Design and Build as well as Operations allows us to offer an integrated package of operations including new build or refurbishment options. This unique offering allows our customers to partner with us for the operational phase and manage the upgrade whilst maintaining operational performance.

BOT Options

As part of new build or upgrade projects with a significant operations content we can offer a package to transfer all responsibility for design, financing and operation under a Build Operate Transfer model. This type of contract is especially suitable for complex projects that can be difficult to develop without significant client involvement.

By partnering with Veolia all of the risk of meeting cost and performance standards is transformed eliminating many of the interfaces that can affect process engineering delivery.

Recovering Co-products and Reducing Solid Waste

Wastewater recycling and valuable co-product recovery from waste streams is one of the key elements in environmental performance and related cost reductions. In this area, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies offers many applications used successfully in most industrial sectors.

Technical Expertise

Our technical expertise starts with process knowledge and innovative technology. Our expertise spans every aspect of industrial processes including the use of steam, effluent compliance, system optimization needs and proactive risk management. Veolia employs foremost experts on utility operations including:

  • Water treatment including desalination and reclaim
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Hot water/steam
  • Compressed air and gases
  • Cooling water and chilled water
  • Solids volume reduction, by product and waste recovery


Our first Municipal Management contract was awarded in 1854 and we have been active in Industrial Operations for more than 70 years. The technical services provided by our staff of field engineers, O&M specialists and process engineers are second to none.

Globally, we provide solutions to thousands of industrial and municipal customers. We also provide comprehensive approaches that include energy and waste services.