Creating water solutions for the biofuels industry

The fast growing biofuels industry faces industrial challenges requiring reactivity, flexibility and adaptability due to the sector's changing environment. 

Producers, engineers and consulting companies must be able to respond to these challenges, which include first and second generation bioethanol, biodiesel and Biomass-To-Liquid (BTL) plants, greenfield sites and plant extensions.

At Veolia Water Technologies, we understand that the biofuels industry needs to combine industrial performance and sustainable development while remaining competitive. 

At the industrial water cycle level, this means:

  • Securing of process and utility waters (boilers, cooling towers)
  • Stillage treatment for recovery and recycling (fertilizer, animal feed)
  • Environmental compliance of discharged effluents, meeting increasingly stricter regulations
  • Implementation of partial or total water recycling solutions
  • Biogas recovery


Thanks to our strong know-how in water treatment combined with over 350 proprietary technologies, we are able to offer packaged and customized water treatment solutions covering:

  • Pre-treatment, including the compact and patented clarification process, Actiflo™;
  • Purified water using ion exchange or reverse osmosis for use in production processes or as boiler-feed or cooling tower make-up;
  • Evaporation or anaerobic digestion of stillage for recovery as animal feed or fertilizer. Veolia offers a unique High Efficiency Stillage Concentration solution (up to 50%), which reduces considerably the energy needs for the downstream drying step;
  • Biothane™ UASB and Biobed® EGSB anaerobic digestion, ideally suited to high loaded effluents and producing biogas that can be recovered for energy production;
  • Grease / water separation and aerobic treatment using Biolix™ and Agira™ or anaerobic digestion;
  • Highly efficient wastewater treatment using Biosep™ membrane bio-reactors (MBR), which allow for water recycling;
  • Recycling and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solutions;
  • Sludge treatment and recovery.

Associated Services

To ensure business continuity and optimized plant operations, we have developed a wide range of services that guarantee the long term efficiency and optimization of your installations.

We also provide a full range of services:

  • After-sales services
  • Short and mid-term solutions to meet seasonal variations
  • Water treatment chemicals and Legionella control programs
  • Audits, technical support, operating support
  • Financing: All-in-Pack™