Applications & Processes


Veolia Water Technologies has the unique portfolio of differentiating technologies developed by the R&D centres of our Group. The company can provide the innovative technologies in the following fields in the SEA municipal market:

  • Drinking Water
  • Wastewater
  • Sludge and Odor Treatment
  • Water Reuse and Desalination


The specificity of Actiflo® resides in the use of microsand, which acts as a ballast for flocculated matter and accelerates its settling.

Actiflo® benefits from constant improvements and innovations in order to respond to new environmental requirements from public authorities and industry.

25 years of operational experience and more than 1,000 references around the world make Actiflo® the most universal and the highest performing clarification process.


MBBR™ + Clarifier

AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR technology is our implementation of the biofilm principle. This technology is our point of departure for all our unique processes that has been developed.

Our processes based on the AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR technology is feasible for both industrial and municipal wastewater and is used for:

  • organic removal
  • nitrification
  • denitrification
  • detoxification

The flexibility of our MBBR processes makes them an ideal solution for new plants or upgrade and expansion of older ones.


Alizair™ is a biological deodorizing system that employs the technique of biofiltration. 

Alizair™ is particularly well suited to treatment of gaseous effluents generally encountered in water treatment and is able to cope with very large flows of air. 



Biostyr® is the advanced solution designed to meet the most stringent discharge quality standards for organic and/or nitrogent removal.

Highly compact, Biostyr® combines in a single structure the biodegradation of carbonaceous and nitrogenous polution (nitrification - denitrification) and the clarification of effluent by filtration through a media bed that acts as an environment for biological activity. 


Filtraflo™ TGV Sand

Filtraflo™ TGV is an ultimate rapid gravity filtration tailored for large filtration plants.

After the clarification phase, filtration is the key treatment step in water treatment plants for the removal of suspended solids. Veolia Water Technologies has especially developed the high rate filtration system Filtraflo™ TGV for this treatment step.

Filtraflo™ TGV filters employ the familiar basic principle of rapid gravitational filtration of settled water through a granular media. The filtering bed is composed of single, dual or triple media layers. Filtraflo™ TGV is actually the most advanced and the most compact gravity filtration system within the VWT’ filtration technology portfolio.



Veolia’s MULTIFLO™ technology is a universal and multi-purpose clarification process that can be adapted under different forms to meet the various needs of our municipal and industrial clients.

In the municipal market, MULTIFLO™ classic is recommended for surface water and seawater treatment, but also for primary, secondary and tertiary wastewater treatments.

Through its various options, MULTIFLO™ (Mono, Mono Plus, Duo, Trio, Softening, Carb and Packaged Solutions) covers a full range of applications, thus allowing integration into many treatment lines.

MULTIFLO™ is ideal for small to large-sized plants. It can treat any kind of water characteristics and pollutant loads.

MULTIFLO™ is an efficient process for removing total suspended solids (TSS), color, algae and heavy metal co-precipitates for drinking water production and softening.

MULTIFLO™ is suitable for treating water with an average to high turbidity level (10-4,000 mg/l TSS) and produces water with a turbidity of less than 3 NTU, depending on the raw water characteristics.

MULTIFLO™ can also be installed as primary, secondary, or tertiary treatment of wastewater and stormwater for partial to nearly complete removal of suspended solids, as well as carbonaceous pollutants and phosphorus.