Municipal Brands

With over 70 years of international experience, Veolia Water Technologies and its specialist subsidiaries provide a wide range of technological solutions and associated services for all types of water: drinking water, urban wastewater, sludge treatment in over 50 countries by a group of effective entities and well-known brands.


OTV designs, builds and launches of the facilities to produce potable water, treat sewage and rainwater and sludge recovered after treatment. As an expert, we can offer customers across industries and municipalities proven economically solutions with a permanent concern for sustainable development.

Because water is common and valuable, OTV is a key player in the environment.


Krüger was founded in 1903 and has since then supplied technologies, plants and especially knowledge about all types of water. They have gathered the most qualified staff who, on the basis of the clients' needs - industries as well as public authorities, supplies a solution which creates value - every time!


AnoxKaldnes is a high technology company focusing on biological treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater. Our operation is based on a combination of deep knowledge in microbiology, biotechnology and treatment technology. This synergy represents a unique methodology in the business of wastewater treatment, which often is dominated by a more traditional process engineering way of thinking.

AnoxKaldnes technologies have been embraced in more than 40 different countries. The core product is the MBBR™ biofilm process, which has been a large success.


Hydrotech develops, manufactures and sells high performance filter systems in over 25 years. We are now World leading supplier of microscreens and our systems are used in more than 7000 installations around the world. Proof of the quality, reliability and professionalism, our customers have come to expect from Hydrotech.


For more than 50 years SIDEM has been designing and delivering thermal desalination and potabilization plants of large to very large capacities to the municipal market.