We have the tools for sustainable growth

Veolia Water Technologies provides its municipal and industrial clients with the tools to grow sustainably: to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

  • ​​We measure and improve environmental and economic performance
  • We help turn wastewater into a resource
  • We implement energy-positive water treatment strategies


We have witnessed a growing demand from municipalities and leading industrial companies for a greater understanding of the environmental and economic risks associated with water challenges.

Understanding and quantifying the impact on water resources is essential to maintain the sustainability and future prosperity of the planet: there is no substitute for water.

Our extensive experience implementing innovative water volume reduction and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solutions helps industrial players reduce costs and meet stringent regulations.

And our wide range of technologies includes several proven applications for recycling and reuse covering clarification, filtration, membranes, biological treatment, evaporation, granular activated carbon and UV.

In addition, as a dedicated supplier of environmental services, Veolia Water Technologies also strives to help its clients grow and reach their financial objectives in a sustainable way. 


Veolia Water Technologies is a world leader in product and resource recovery from wastewater. We help clients turn wastewater into a resource.

We don't just treat wastewater, we:

  • Reuse wastewater
  • Recover valuable by-products from wastewater
  • Convert wastewater into an energy source

The Veolia stable of water technologies helps our clients worldwide perform better, save money and respond to stakeholder expectations:

  • in California, our Actiflo high rate clarification process enables the state's largest industrial recycled water facility to generate water for use as cooling tower and process water and to irrigate 20 acres of parks and landscape area;
  • our Exelys thermal hydrolysis process maximizes biogas and green energy production and minimizes sludge volume in Hilleroed, Denmark;
  • we recover energy from sludge through our Pyrofluid incineration process at plants in France, Poland and Russia;
  • our nickel wastewater reduction system for Seagate International in Malaysia reduces waste volumes and disposal costs while producing a re-sellable by-product.

Our water treatment expertise delivers value through environmental compliance and more efficient and economical production. In addition, resource recovery solutions produce value for our clients through:

  • A reduction in production costs due to less product loss
  • The creation of new revenue streams by recovering valuable by-products
  • A decrease in waste discharge costs
  • A more responsible public image

Water reuse for municipalities: We know that water is too precious to be used only once.

Due to the high cost of transporting water, Veolia Water Technologies is helping more municipalities around the world turn to water reuse technologies to:

  • help attract new industry
  • support agricultural irrigation
  • water lawns and parks
  • clean streets
  • maintain their tourism industry
  • protect the environment

“Wastewater is the only water resource of whose volume increases proportionally to economic development and consumption.”

Veolia Water Technologies offers a wide range of water reuse technologies:

Veolia reuse solutions are helping conserve fresh water resources in, Singapore, Dubai, Milan, Barcelona, Durban, Windhoek (Namibia) and Wollongong (Australia).

More than 140 Veolia installations worldwide produce over three million cubic meters of water per day. 


ACTIFLO® is a very high-rate clarifier exclusively developed and patented by Veolia Water Technologies. 


The compact biofiltration technology is a simple and innovative process, capable of removing all biological pollution at minimal operating costs.


filters employ a principle that involves a rapid gravitational filtration of raw water through a granular media.


Veolia Water Technologies delivers energy-efficient water treatment services to clients and implements energy neutral / energy positive strategies.

Our responsible solutions lower energy consumption and reduce GHG emissions. We create value through the production of biogas and renewable energy.

The power of sludge

Energy-producing wastewater treatment plants are the future. Veolia solutions optimize energy consumption and maximize gas production at wastewater treatment plants.

Anaerobic digestion is a proven way to produce biogas, a renewable energy source easily convertible into electricity. Combined with advanced technologies such as thermal hydrolysis (Exelys, Biothelys) or co-digestion, we offer clients energy neutral wastewater treatment plants... today!

As a provider of environmental services, Veolia Water Technologies is focusing on delivering cutting-edge technologies and innovative, integrated solutions to help its clients grow sustainably.

“Saving energy, producing energy"