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Veolia Water Technologies Retrofits Wastewater Treatment Facility with New Scaling-Resistant Solution

Food & Beverage

Large amounts of scaling on the media within the reactor of a client's MBBR was causing poor performance of the system. Using Veolia's Z-MBBR Media, the wastewater treatment plant was able to significantly improve its COD removal rates.

Virginia’s Largest MBBR Protects the Chesapeake


As part of a long-term strategy to protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay, Fairfax County developed a Nutrient Reduction Program (NRP) for the NCPCP to significantly reduce nitrogen and phosphorus in the plant’s effluent. 

Improving Total Nitrogen Removal


As a discharger to the Neuse River Basin, this Eastern North Carolina wastewater facility struggled for many years to meet its nitrogen removal allocation of 7,096 lb./yr.

Grande Paroisse, Mazingarbe - France

Oil & Gas

Installation and operation of a reverse osmosis unit upstream from the existing demineralization line.

Meeting Strict TN Limits in North Carolina: ANITA™ Mox

The City of Durham completed a comprehensive wastewater master plan that evaluated different treatment techniques for meeting strict total nitrogen (TN) limits at the South Durham Water Reclamation Facility (SDWRF).

Client recovers $5 Million in coal after coal pile runoff pond volume reduction

Power Generation

The Client had a need to treat and discharge coal pile runoff water containing high amounts of total suspended solids from its facility.

Reducing Odor & Corrosion


Better results, lower cost, cutting edge technology and excellent customer service have made this project a huge success.

Polymer Optimization Pilot Studies


ENVISTA Vis proved the ability to provide operational savings for sludge dewatering at two sites through pilot testing.

Environmentally Sustainable Waste/Wastewater Treatment System

Food & Beverage

Veolia implements anaerobic process as a solution to high BOD wastewater at a Jack Link's food production facility in Alpena, South Dakota.

AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR Reduces Wastewater OPEX at Meat Processing Facility

Food & Beverage

Valley Pride Pack, a meat processing plant in Norwalk, WI, wanted to reduce the operational costs associated with their wastewater treatment system.

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