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Learn more about Veolia's unique offering of technologies and process designs for water and wastewater treatment for industrial and municipal applications.

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Municipal Solutions

Ecrusor™ helps turn waste facilities into resource recovery facilities by converting more waste into energy in a circular economy approach to waste treatment.

Hydrotech Primary Filtration

Municipal Solutions

Hydrotech Primary Filtration provides several advantages compared with conventional primary clarification and can also serve as a vital resource recovery tool for the capture of carbon for bio-methane production in anaerobic digestion.


Municipal Solutions

Struvia™ facilitates the recovery and the reuse of phosphorus contained in wastewater.


Municipal Solutions

ACTIFLO® Package Plants is a complete range of pre-engineered and standardized ACTIFLO® units for the treatment of drinking water, process water as well as municipal wastewater and reuse.

ACTIFLO® Softening

Municipal Solutions

ACTIFLO® Softening removes hardness and alkalinity to improve water quality. It combines both clarification and softening processes to achieve optimal water treatment.


OASES® is an oxygen-activated sludge process for secondary treatment of wastewater. It is an automated, safe, and efficient oxygen-activated sludge treatment system for upgrading or retrofitting treatment facilities existing pure oxygen systems. 

Hydrex™ Chemical Solutions

Municipal Solutions

Hydrex™ is a range of water treatment chemicals proven to improve the performance and operating cost at treatment facilities. The chemical range includes both organic and inorganic chemicals formulated to meet the individual specifications of our customers in the municipal sectors.

Polymer Activation

Municipal Solutions

HydraPol™ Activ technology is an emulsion polymer activation system. Combined with Hydrex™ emulsion polymers it can be used optimize polymer usage for raw water, wastewater, process water and reclaimed water treatment, as well as for sludge dewatering.

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