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Water is a precious resource and is becoming increasingly scarce. Veolia Water Technologies is committed to helping professionals best manage this resource by holding educational seminars. 

These events provide attendees the opportunity to connect with the world's most knowledgeable and innovative experts in water and wastewater treatment. Guests will gain practical insights about the latest trends, technologies, services, and information on how to most efficiently manage water at their own facility. 

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Minimize Deep Well Injection with Improved Water Management in Oil & Gas Exploration & Produciton

Veolia is hosting a free one-day educational seminar on Minimizing Produced Water Reinjection through Water Treatment and Reuse.

Tuesday, September 12 | Houston, TX

Our process experts will present case studies of operating facilities as well as the impact of new and emerging technologies on Produced Water Treatment Systems of the Future. 

Advantages of treating Produced Water for reuse with Veolia systems and services include:

  • Less fresh water demand
  • Lower overall operating costs
  • Reduced liability 
  • Ensured environmental compliance
  • Guaranteed performance

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Cost-Saving Water Treatment Solutions for HPI/CPI Production Facilities

Join us for a free one-day educational seminar on improving water management in refineries, petrochemical and chemical processing facilities.

Wednesday, September 13 | Houston, TX

Alternative treatment designs, technology advancements and the best practices will be revealed through real-life case studies and practical experience. Conventional and emerging technologies will be compared and contrasted.

Who should attend? Professionals seeking to:

  • Lower operating costs and improve efficiency
  • Gain competitive advantage through new technologies
  • Learn how modular designs and smart systems save costs
  • Find peace of mind with ensured compliance and guaranteed performance

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Our educational seminars may qualify for Continuing Education Credits.

Understanding the Power of Water: Enhanced water management strategies for power utilities

Join Veolia Water Technologies for a free, one-day educational seminar on enhanced water management techniques for power utilities. Global water experts will share the latest advancements in water technologies to help reduce costsimprove efficiency, and enhance sustainability within the power industry, all while remaining compliant.

Thursday, October 5 | Plainfield, IL

Agenda topics to include:

  • Extending the life of your water / wastewater equipment and power generation assets
  • Improving heat rate efficiency
  • Increasing operational performance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Water on wheels - Mobile water treatment options to minimize downtime and keep plants operational longer
  • Environmental compliance - Strategies for FGD wastewater
  • And more!

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Enhancing Water & Wastewater Management at Food & Beverage Facilities

Veolia is hosting a free one-day educational seminar on enhancing water and wastewater management designed specifically for individuals working at Food and Beverage related companies.

Thursday, October 26 | Kansas City, MO

Global specialists in water and wastewater will provide the latest industry advancements to help attendees reach their goals, such as:

  • Regulatory Compliance 
  • Reducing Sewer Fees
  • Ensuring Consistent Water Quality & Safety
  • Enhancing Operational Efficiency

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