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02/09/2017 | Municipal Solutions


01/31/2017 | Municipal Solutions

With Veolia, Nestlé draws water from milk for reuse

06/23/2016 | Corporate

Veolia helps Nestlé achieve a zero-water dairy production facility in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico. To achieve this feat and as part of its global commitment to preserve water resources, Nestlé entrusted Veolia, along with dairy technology firm GEA Filtration, with finding a solution to reduce water consumption at its plant in the water-stressed state of Jalisco.  

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Sulfothane Biogas Scrubbing

06/23/2016 | Technologies

Sulfothane is environmentally safe, has minimal power requirements and uses a clog-free scrubber that requires no maintenance. It’s compact design and small footprint allow for easy integration into new or existing biogas facilities. Sulfothane is fully automated for ease of operation, and the elemental sulfur produced allows for easy, low cost disposal compared to competing scrubbing systems.

Hydrotech Discfilter

06/08/2016 | Municipal Solutions

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