ELGA LabWater

ELGA LabWater, a division of Veolia Water Technologies, has been a trusted name in water purification for over 75 years, pioneering innovative technologies and award-winning product design. Our systems provide water quality ideal for clinical, research, laboratory, and any other high purity requirements. ELGA’s range of pure and ultrapure water purification systems offer either a few liters or up to thousands of liters of water per day. Trusted manufacturer of PURELAB®, MEDICA®, and CENTRA®


The PURELAB range features several products ideal for a wide variety of critical science and analytical applications. Our reliable water purification systems are constructed from the highest quality components to ensure optimal purity, while a rapid and easy sanitization program contributes to an uninterrupted workflow. Built-in economical processes result in the lowest consumable costs with the highest water quality and precision.


The MEDICA range provides a constant and reliable supply of compliant water with built-in wrap-around reservoirs to occupy a minimal amount of space in the laboratory. Constructed from the highest quality components, these systems ensure bacterial control and optimal purity, as well as an uninterrupted workflow. Features include a recirculation of high purity water, ensuring consistent high quality with low bacterial specification and long lasting deionization cartridges that reduce exchange frequencies and running costs. All MEDICA units have a bypass loop, which continues to provide compliant water to the analyzer in emergency situations.


The CENTRA range offers centralized distribution of high purity water adapting to your applications as they change. The design of these systems overcomes the limitations of traditional central water purification systems to deliver consistent high purity water, flexibility, and economy. CENTRA can incorporate a range of purification options that include: reverse osmosis, UV photo-oxidation, sub-micron filtration, deionization, storage quality control, and full system recirculation to match the water quality demands of the laboratory.


ELGA also offers customized systems. These are fully skidded, preplumbed, prewired, and pretested. They come with pretreatment, RO unit, storage tank, and distribution. The high purity water systems can be designed to your needs with varying flow rates.


ELGA aims to provide high quality service for our water purification systems. ELGA service engineers will apply their expertise to the installation, validation, and maintenance of your systems in compliance with all relevant codes. Preventative maintenance contracts are structured to match your precise needs, thereby minimizing interruptions to your workflow and sustaining system reliability. All of our calibration equipment is maintained to traceable standards and operated by fully trained technicians, ensuring water quality is consistently maintained at the optimum level.