Downstream Oil & Gas Water Treatment

Veolia Water Technologies has extensive experience in developing, implementing and servicing water, wastewater and sludge treatment plants for oil refineries and the petrochemicals industry.

Veolia has the process expertise needed to help refineries implement sustainable solutions.

Effective management of water and energy in refineries and petrochemicals plants can:

  • Lower the cost of production
  • Minimize risks associated with maintenance downtime
  • Ensure compliance with environmental regulations
  • Extend the life of your systems
  • Expand your treatment capacity

Specific applications for downstream water and wastewater treatment capabilities include:

New Products


Aquavista™ is a finalist in the “Best Digitalization Technology” category of the second annual Hydrocarbon Processing Awards contest, as selected by its distinguished advisory board.  Learn more about this new technology.


The QuenchFlow™ modular system is a closed-circuit solution that treats quench water from Ethane Cracker Plants for reuse and recycles the waste streams. The modular design enables quick, easy installation.     

Learn more about this new technology

CoStrip™ Degasification Technology

CoStrip degasifies water containing high loadings of oil and suspended solids without the need for pretreatment. This innovative design offers several advantages as compared to conventional degasification towers.

Learn more about this new technology