Sustainable Water Solutions for Aquaculture

Aquaculture is a critical food source to meet current and future global consumption requirements.

The demand for quality seafood and sophisticated consumer purchasing trends have increased. This combined with the environmental and financial risks of off-shore aquaculture create the need for farmers to gain greater control over their operations. Land-based aquaculture is a solution for aquaculture companies to reduce risk, while maximizing profitability. 

Utilizing advanced recirculating aquaculture systems allows farmers to achieve a farm-to-table strategy by locating facilities on land near key markets. This reduces shipping costs and shortens delivery timeframes, while offering consumers a superior fresh product. 

Land-based aquaculture facilities create a means of producing seafood with a minimal impact on the fisheries and the environment, while reducing the carbon footprint of conventional seafood supply chains.

RAS2020 - Modular Recirculating Aquaculture System

Optimize Fish Production 

The RAS2020 creates a highly controlled environment based on Veolia’s innovative recirculation and water treatment process. This creates a controlled aquacultural setting to optimize growth, feed conversion ratio (FCR), and overall fish survival. 

The RAS2020 design can help improve fish production with a reduced footprint when compared to conventional RAS designs

Key RAS2020 Benefits

  • 99.5% of the water is treated and recirculated  
  • Up to 50% reduced footprint
  • Highly-controlled and uniform flow velocity to mimic a natural aquatic environment
  • Efficient facility design that ensures biosecurity
  • Reduced operating and utility costs
  • Reduced handling to minimize fish stress
  • Proven water treatment processes
  • Optimized feed conversion ratio

Kaldnes® RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System)

Veolia's Kaldnes® RAS semi-closed loop multi-tank aquacultural system. It utilizes proven water treatment technologies and is designed to maximize production while reducing pollution and water consumption.

Based on the strong experience of our subsidiaries and their technologies like Hydrotech Drumfilters and AnoxKaldnes MBBR, we are able to provide turnkey solutions for all kind of fish species from fresh to sea water and cold to tropical water.