Total Hardness Reduction and Alkalinity Reduction

ACTIFLO® Softening is utilized for total hardness reduction and alkalinity reduction for water quality improvement. It combines both clarification and a manageable softening process to achieve optimal water treatment.

Designed to further enhance water quality, ACTIFLO® Softening combines, in a single compact treatment unit, both clarification and softening operations for alkalinity reduction and total hardness removal (calcium hardness and magnesium hardness). At the same time, the process is also used for decarbonation, silica removal, heavy metals removal, removal of fluorides and phosphates as well as TSS (Total Suspended Solids) and organic matter.

Rapid and efficient, ACTIFLO® Softening produces very high quality water and is a municipal application for surface and groundwater softening for drinking water production.

Pellet Softening

Actina™ isa pellet reactor process tailored to municipal drinking water softening. By reducing calcium hardness, Actina™ allows municipalities and industries to enhance the asset management of their distribution network while preventing negative impacts on the end users. This solution also allows a significant reduction of impacts on downstream on-site or centralized wastewater treatment.

Reducing the number of individual, point-of-use softening devices will reduce the chloride loading on wastewater treatment systems.