Upstream Oil & Gas Water Treatment

Veolia Water Technologies provides expertise and experience in water and wastewater treatment for upstream, onshore oil and gas exploration, production, and development.

Water is an essential part of oil and gas field production. Veolia offers specialized produced water treatment systems, technologies, and processes for conventional and unconventional production.

Produced Water Treatment

Onshore produced water

Veolia offers a variety of technologies for produced water treatment as well as the expertise to determine the best solution for each application.

Produced Water Treatment for SAGD/Heavy Oil Processes

HPD® SAGD produced water evaporators

Veolia has developed several innovative systems fo produced water treatment system for SAGD, CSS, and other thermal heavy oil production. This includes deoiling equipment, evaporators, and membrane-based solutions.

Water Treatment for Unconventional Gas Production

Long-term sustainability will require reuse and recycling of water resources and by-product recovery while minimizing overall waste volumes from production activities.

New Product


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