Produced Water Treatment Solutions for SAGD Production

HPD® Evaporation & Crystallization

HPD® Evaporators with vapor washers produce high-quality distillate for boiler feed water
Evaporation is an effective and robust method of produced water treatment for SAGD

High-quality Distillate with Silica Removal

The Silica Sorption™ Process, based on HPD® Evaporation Technology provides a method of managing the silica and other constituents in deoiled produced water that provides several benefits:

  • Removal of silica in produced water without elevated pH levels
  • Waste brines containing silica and other scaling components provide flexible on-site or off-site disposal if ZLD is not desired
  • Significant reduction of caustic consumption
  • The addition of the proprietary Vapor Washer system produces a high-quality distillate, suitable for boiler feedwater and protects downstream equipment from foaming.

The process also tolerates high-hardness, high-salinity produced water containing calcium and magnesium as these constituants are also sorbed to prevent the scaling experienced in conventional systems. This is especially important as expected mandates to use brackish makeup water become more common with expansion of the oilsands.

Deoiling Technology

IGF and ORF for deoiling produced water
Veolia Water Technologies provides IGF and ORF technology for deoiling SAGD produced water

AutoFlot® IGF and Power Clean® ORF

Veolia provides highly effective deoiling systems for produced water. This includes both mechanical induced gas flotation (IGF) and walnut shell oil removal filter (ORF) technology.

The AutoFlot® IGF, coupled with Power Clean® walnut shell ORF systems, provides a process train that effectively reduces free oil and solids by 90-95% with maximum inlet concentrations of 300 mg/l of free oil and less than 150 mg/l of total suspended solids.

The ROSS™ System

ROSS produced water treatment
The ROSS System is designed as a modular system

Produced Water Treatment with Ceramic Membrane Technology

Using Veolia's CeraMem® ceramic membrane technology, the ROSS System is a unique, fully scaleable, modularized water treatment for SAGD produced water.

This modularized system provides removal of oil, solids, silica as well as softening of produced water. The ROSS System can be utilized as a stand-alone treatment process, for incremental capacity expansion, and a means to de-bottlenecking existing, underperforming water treatment systems