Creating water solutions for the power industry.

Veolia Water Technologies' expertise and technologies for the power generation industry cover the complete water and wastewater cycle.
We have over 300 power generation references throughout the world.

Water Reuse - The Future Source for Raw Water Make-up to the Power Industry

Veolia's power expert, Michael Pudvay, discusses the trend of secondary municipal effluent being utilized for raw water make-up including its use at a new power station in Pennsylvania. 

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Actiflo® Clarification

The Actiflo® process is an ideal solution for recycling valuable process water and providing pretreatment for boiler feed, product water and cooling tower make-up water to the power industry. Actiflo® has also proven to be very efficient for treatment of cooling tower blowdown and wastewater applications such as pond level reduction or elimination, including algae removal.

Hydrotech™ Discfilters

Hydrotech Discfilters achieve fine solids removal with a large filter area in a footprint 75% smaller than sand or multi-media filters. Its woven filter membrane is available with pore sizes as small as 10 microns. Automatic backwash and the modular filter panel design make maintenance easy. Discfilters are ideal for cooling tower make-up, blowdown or sidestream treatment, thanks to these patented features and proven performance.

Pond Management Solutions

Pond Management Mobile Solutions
Pond Management Mobile Solutions

Stop wastewater flows to existing ponds using wastewater treatment technologies:

Treat existing pond water to reduce volume of liquid, resulting in less pressure on the dam and pond floor. Easier to dewater remaining pond solids using:

Case Study: Discfilter Treats Secondary Sewage for Cooling Water

Veolia was contracted to provide a solution for the treatment of up to 2,725m³/h (12,000 gpm) of sewage plant effluent for cooling tower make-up. 

Specific Applications

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Focusing on system performance, compliance with process and environmental requirements as well as long-term cost-effectiveness, we are able to meet the most demanding standards of reliability, safety and quality.

  • Pre-treatment
  • Boiler feed water
  • Condensate polishing
  • Cooling tower sidestream
  • Cooling tower blow down
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Services

In addition, emergency or planned temporary water treatment services are also available in many countries.

Total Project Capability & Services

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Through a network of business units worldwide, Veolia Water Technologies' experts manage complex projects for power generation clients at a local level.

An integrated approach ensures short lead times, reliable solutions, minimum risk and proactive service.

Project Development

  • Qualification
  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • Pilot/ laboratory testing


Meeting Clients' Needs

Veolia's water treatment engineers develop solutions for power generation clients that focus on this industry's key requirements:

  • Reliability - avoiding costly downtime through proven technologies and local service
  • Efficiency - developing solutions that help the client generate the maximum amount of electricity using the minimum amount of resources
  • Compliancy - engineering systems that ensure compliance with environmental legislation while reducing the plant's water footprint
  • Dependability - delivering the project on time avoids additional costs