Wastewater treatment

Creating water solutions for the primary metals industry.
Veolia Water Technologies specializes in potable water, process water, product recovery and wastewater treatment solutions for the Primary Metals Industries including but not limited to coking, steelmaking, hot and cold forming and finishing.

Key Veolia technologies for wastewater treatment include:

Removal of contaminants: suspended solids, trace metals (Cr6+, Zn, Ni, Fe...), oil & grease, ammonia & TKN, CN-BaP, etc.


Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)



Ion Exchange (IX)

Enhanced biological processes

Metals precipitation - High Density Sludge

  • DenseSludge™
  • TurboMix™

Enhanced Membrane technologies

Evaporation and Crystallization

Sludge dewatering and drying