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A New Use for MBBR Technology

08/21/2020 | Mining
Veolia Investigates Biological Treatment for Saline Water Effluent

Water-soluble fertilizers: it’s crystal clear!

06/22/2020 | General Technologies

Crystallization, as a powerful separation technology and production process, is helping the fertilizer industry diversify its product mix, improve profitability and enhance sustainability.

1,300 Mile Journey

03/02/2020 | Municipal

The City and Bureau of Juneau implements belt drying system to reduce risks associated with hauling dewatered biosolids and to provide multiple options for end use.

Crafting H2O with MadTree Brewing in Cincinnati, Ohio

02/04/2020 | Food & Beverage

Cincinnati-based MadTree Brewing Company is serious about how they make their beer. Their scientific approach means that they also pay close attention to the water they use, a message they’re more than happy to share.

Floods of Data

12/19/2019 | Oil & Gas

It is almost 2020. The hydrocarbon industry is seeing refiners and petrochemical plant operators looking to decrease water consumption. More than ever, water is thought of as a precious resource in the petroleum industry. But it is hard to measure how many issues impact the amount and quality of water required for a plant to run. Many plant operations personnel feel unaware of their own water optimisation performance, or of opportunities to improve. Operations personnel may know that digital water management solutions exist but may not understand how much impact they can have.

Water Audits Can Uncover Significant Operational Improvements at Food and Beverage Manufacturing Facilities


Water is a critical resource at food and beverage manufacturing facilities. Food and beverage manufacturers can address many of these challenges by partnering with a professional water treatment company that is experienced in performing comprehensive facility audits.

Proven ZLD Systems Designed to Meet Today’s Demands

09/13/2019 | Power

Faced with mounting pressures from consumers growing aware of the impacts of production and its water consumption on the environment, industries are incorporating sustainability initiatives across their value chain. This is also true for water treatment systems. A zero liquid discharge (ZLD) approach uses technical innovation to close the loop, cut liquid waste and reuse clean water through highly efficient processes.

In the flow

09/05/2019 | Mining

Water is a key resource for the mining industry, and mines require comprehensive water management plans to be able to operate safely and sustainably. 

Enhancing and Expanding Wastewater Treatment at Pulp & Paper Facilities

08/26/2019 | Pulp & Paper

It is important to carefully consider technologies and processes that will provide consistent and reliable wastewater treatment while simultaneously supporting the short and long term goals of the facility.

What are the 4 things lithium miners should look for when selecting an evaporation & crystallization technology partner?

08/08/2019 | Mining

What should lithium producers take into consideration when evaluating a credible evaporation and crystallization company to partner with?

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