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How to improve boiler and steam utilities at a dairy processing facility

Food & Beverage

The leading dairy processor was running at near capacity, and it’s utility systems were in need of attention. Inconsistent steam and cooling demand, coupled with rising water treatment costs and poorly operating water treatment equipment were creating problems.

How to achieve phosphorus removal at ultra low levels?


The City of Bristol set out to reduce phosphorus removal with effluent loads from their Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) into the Pequabuck River.

How to Effectively Manage Sludge at a Mine Site?


Pretium challenged Veolia Water Technologies to provide a wastewater treatment plant to remove Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and some heavy metals from their gold mine effluent by using as little land space as possible while producing a solid waste.

Net Zero Resource Recovery


Hermitage Municipal Authority undertook a major upgrade of its solids handling facility to increase treatment capacity and to boost biogas generation.

How to treat variable source water in one single solution?


West Hills Water Treatment Plant (WHWTP) project to improve drinking water quality, water supply reliability, and to balance regional water resources in the Hollister Urban Area (HUA).

How To Achieve Zero Wastewater Discharge for a Rare Earth Mine?


The client contracted Veolia to design and build a new water treatment plant for their state-of-the-art rare earth facility.

Want to turn your Produced Water into an asset?

Oil & Gas

A major oil exploration & production company contracted Veolia to design, build, and operate an advanced water reclamation facility to treat Produced Water for reuse and discharge.

How to utilize municipal effluent in a power station?

Power Generation

Veolia was awarded a contract to assist in the supply of water treatment technologies to support West Deptford Energy Station’s environmentally friendly and sustainable energy operation.

Powerful chemical additive protects boiler at Pulp & Paper Mill

Pulp & Paper

Corrosion issues at a pulp and paper mill needed to be controlled and prevented. Veolia Water Technologies performed testing and developed a program using ProtectAllTM. These efforts stabilized the pH levels within the boiler water to reduce the risk of additional corrosion. 

How to protect boiler from high iron levels

General Industry

A major Midwestern university partnered with Veolia Water Technologies to perform an audit of their boiler system and identify a solution to protect their boiler from corrosion as a result of high iron levels

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