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Ultra Low P Performance


The Medford Wastewater Treatment Plant sand filters were nearing the end of their useful life and presented many operational and maintenance challenges. In addition, the facility faces the need to achieve an effluent Total Phosphorus of <0.075 mg/L by 2024. The facility treatment system would require an upgrade to the Hydrotech Discfilter system in order to meet this limitation. 

Simple Sidestream Start Up


The sidestream process is designed to reduce the impact of nitrogen load returned back to the mainstream treatment process and ensure that the plant meets the stringent discharge TN limit of 3 mg/L.

Large Brewery utilizes Biothane® High Rate Anaerobic Digestion to Reduce BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) in Wastewater

Food & Beverage

Sleeman’s brewery in Guelph, Ontario, was challenged to significantly reduce the BOD load entering the municipal wastewater treatment system to ensure regulatory compliance and reduce sewer surcharges. 

How a leading beverage manufacturer overcame pH issues

Food & Beverage

A leading soft drink company was having issues with compliance related to pH at their pretreatment facility. Veolia provided a two-tier solution that combined technology and service to safeguard against non-compliance.

How to optimize design to increase cost savings?

Chemical Processing

Veolia’s client was in need of a creative way to reduce cost and capital expenditures while needing to also meet a growing demand for demineralized water and cooling tower make-up to support its production processes.

How to get that simple retrofit?


The City of Camas, WA WWTP was faced with replacing their existing pile cloth media disk filters in the same footprint with an option that is easier to clean and maintain.

How to treat high-strength organic chemical waste

Chemical Processing

Veolia Water Technologies was selected by Brown & Root to design a biological pretreatment facility for Phenolchemie in Theodore, Alabama. A new facility was required to treat 66 gpm of high-strength organic chemical waste produced in the manufacturing of phenol to meet discharge standards for release to a nearby publicly owned treatment works (POTW).

How to Treat Produced Water that Contains KHI?

Oil & Gas

Dolphin Energy awarded Veolia Water Technologies a research and development study to evaluate a wide range of water treatment technologies for treating produced water that contains KHI.

Salt Plant Performance Modifications

Chemical Processing

US Salt desired a repair-renewal and capacity expansion of its four-body multiple effect “vacuum pan” salt crystallizer system. 

How to improve the performance of existing, single-stage, mechanical vapor recompression units?

Chemical Processing

Salinen Austria’s Ebensee salt production facility wished to improve the performance of one of their existing, single-stage, mechanical vapor recompression units.

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