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How to restore and prevent pipe corrosion and scaling at a Sulfuric Acid recovery plant

Chemical Processing

A Sulfuric Acid recovery plant was experiencing severe corrosion in their plant water supply piping.The increased risk of an unplanned shutdown was unacceptable to the plant, and Veolia partnered with the client to develop a solution to prevent this from happening.

How to improve oil value using H2S scavenging

Oil & Gas

A large Eagle Ford Shale operator called Veolia to help reduce H2S in the headspace of their crude oil storage vessels, as well as in the oil phase of their production going into the battery.

How to overcome clarifier failure with mobile water treatment solution

Chemical Processing

After over 50 years of almost continuous operation, accepting wastewater from the company’s ethane cracking operation, the plant’s wastewater clarifier experienced a mechanical failure, resulting in a loss of return activated sludge (RAS) for their activated sludge tank (AST).

How the health of the Long Island Sound was Improved?


New SPDES limits issued in 2005 and a negotiated Order-of-Consent would require an upgrade to the New Rochelle WWTP to remove nitrogen from its discharge.

How to remove hardness and alkalinity from your groundwater?


A pilot study was conducted to demonstrate the ACTIFLO® Softening process in the removal of total hardness and alkalinity from the Okeechobee plant’s ground water source. 

How to design a raw and wastewater treatment system for a combined-cycle power plant?

Power Generation

A Northeastern USA utility converting a 400 MW coal-fired power station to a new 1,100 MW natural gas-fired, combined cycle power plant contracted Veolia to engineer, procure and supply a 6,000 gallons per minute (GPM) raw water treatment system and a 1,200-GPM wastewater treatment system.  

How to achieve Primary Filtration in a compact space?


The installations requires very limited space, with the Hydrotech Drumfilters configured in two main rows that are fed by a common channel in order to optimally use the cavern’s width. 

How to reduce scaling on MBBR media for dairy wastewater?

Food & Beverage

Large amounts of scaling on the media within the reactor of a client's MBBR was causing poor performance of the system. Using Veolia's Z-MBBR Media, the wastewater treatment plant was able to significantly improve its COD removal rates.

How to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus in the Chesapeake Bay?


As part of a long-term strategy to protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay, Fairfax County developed a Nutrient Reduction Program (NRP) for the NCPCP to significantly reduce nitrogen and phosphorus in the plant’s effluent. 

How to comply with the Nutrient Management Strategy?


A 0.63 MGD wastewater facility in North Carolina reduced its effluent TN load by 76% following an upgrade of the system with mechanical mixing and an enhanced control system.

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