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How to design a raw and wastewater treatment system for a combined-cycle power plant?

Power Generation

A Northeastern USA utility converting a 400 MW coal-fired power station to a new 1,100 MW natural gas-fired, combined cycle power plant contracted Veolia to engineer, procure and supply a 6,000 gallons per minute (GPM) raw water treatment system and a 1,200-GPM wastewater treatment system.  

How to achieve Primary Filtration in a compact space?


The installations requires very limited space, with the Hydrotech Drumfilters configured in two main rows that are fed by a common channel in order to optimally use the cavern’s width. 

How to reduce scaling on MBBR media for dairy wastewater?

Food & Beverage

Large amounts of scaling on the media within the reactor of a client's MBBR was causing poor performance of the system. Using Veolia's Z-MBBR Media, the wastewater treatment plant was able to significantly improve its COD removal rates.

How to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus in the Chesapeake Bay?


As part of a long-term strategy to protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay, Fairfax County developed a Nutrient Reduction Program (NRP) for the NCPCP to significantly reduce nitrogen and phosphorus in the plant’s effluent. 

How to comply with the Nutrient Management Strategy?


A 0.63 MGD wastewater facility in North Carolina reduced its effluent TN load by 76% following an upgrade of the system with mechanical mixing and an enhanced control system.

How to increase productivity while minimizing operation costs and risk?

General Industry

A fertilizer company contracted Veolia to upgrade and operate its demineralization plant, with installation of a 90-m3/h reverse osmosis system upstream of the existing demineralization line.

How to meet strict TN limits using a sidestream deammonification system?


The City of Durham completed a comprehensive wastewater master plan that evaluated different treatment techniques for meeting strict total nitrogen (TN) limits at the South Durham Water Reclamation Facility (SDWRF).

How to recover coal and treat runoff pond effluent?

Power Generation

A power plant turned to Veolia to help remove coal laden suspended solids from it’s runoff pond effluent. Veolia’s ACTIFLO sand ballasted clarification technology helped the client recover $5M in coal.

How to achieve operational savings using Polymer Optimization technology?


ENVISTA Vis proved the ability to provide operational savings for sludge dewatering at two sites through pilot testing.

How to generate green energy from wastewater?

Food & Beverage

High BOD wastewater at a Jack Link's food production facility in Alpena, South Dakota is transformed into a renewable energy source using Memthane®, an Anaerobic Membrane Bio-Reactor.

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