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How to select a biological treatment solution for meat processing wastewater?

Food & Beverage

Valley Pride Pack, a meat processing plant in Norwalk, WI, wanted to reduce the operational costs associated with their wastewater treatment system.

How to utilize secondary sewage to improve heat rate efficiency?

Power Generation

A 1200 MW natural gas-fired power station implemented three Hydrotech Discfilters for the treatment of up to 12,000 gpm of sewage plant effluent for its cooling tower make-up.

How to increase refinery biological treatment capacity with space restrictions?

Oil & Gas

Veolia assisted an asphalt refinery to upgrade its wastewater treatment system in preparation for changes brought about by the use of a new feedstock.

How to meet very low effluent ammonia and phosphorus limits by bundling technologies?


The bundling of Kruger's BIOSTYR and ACTIFLO processes into a combined solution has played a key role in the markedly improved water quality conditions in Onondaga Lake.

How to achieve effective phosphorus removal and sludge drying?


Hydrotech Discfilters provide effluent polishing, phosphorus removal, and wastewater reclamation while the BioCon provides sludge drying at the WWRWRF. 

How to achieve sustainable nutrient removal with IFAS?


The City of Cocoa Beach faced some challenges. USEPA had established Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for nutrients and dissolved oxygen (DO) in the Indian River and Banana River Lagoons in East Central Florida. 

How to manage biosolids production with a Class A solution?


Upgrading the Picnic Point Wastewater Facility with Veolia's BioCon biosolids dryer has reduced the amount of biosolids to be disposed of as well as producing a Class A biosolid. 

How to produce Lithium Chloride crystals effectively?


Veolia designed and supplied a lithium producer in Argentina with a complete, modular, skidded HPD® Crystallization system.

How to meet seasonal effluent limits for TN and TIN?


The AnoxKaldnes Hybas™ process has the advantage of accepting a significant combined sewer overflow (CSO) while maintaining a nitrifying biomass and eliminating the need to construct new aeration basins on a constrained site.

How to produce high-purity sodium chloride for chlor alkali production?

Chemical Processing

Veolia Water Technologies was selected to supply the salt purification system for the new production facility at Pure Salt Baytown.

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