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How to test the production process of SOP crystals from polyhalite ore

Chemical Processing

ICP selected Veolia Water Technologies to refine the process due to their experience in the industry and overall development capabilities for crystallization process design using HPD® Technology. A series of tests were conducted to simulate various stages of the proposed flowsheet with the goal of validating the overall design.

SAGD Produced Water Treatment System

Oil & Gas

Veolia was selected to supply the SAGD produced water system based on a unique, robust process that met the performance objectives of the central processing facility.

AMD Treatment Plant Helps to Restore the Susquehanna


The team of Veolia Water Technologies and Michael Baker Corporation was selected to design a 10.5-MGD acid mine drainage (AMD) treatment system utilizing Veolia's DenseSludge™ technology, along with a mine dewatering pump station.

DenseSludge™ Treatment Plant Enables Recreational Fishing


BAMR's goal was to restore water quality to the main stem of Bennett Branch to a level that would sustain sport fishing between Hollywood and Caledonia, Pennsylvania.

ELCOGAS | Veolia IGCC Wastewater ZLD System

Power Generation

The system offers a reliable, robust solution to achieve the objectives of the plant for maximum water reuse, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), and use of the best available technology.

Devon Energy J2 Project - Conklin, Alberta, Canada

Oil & Gas

Devon needed a compact, easy-to-install, easy maintenance and robust solution for oil removal from its future produced water at the J2 site.

ACTIFLO® Ensures Compliance for Coal Yard Runoff

Power Generation

ACTIFLO® technology enabled the facility to comply with new discharge limitations for iron and manganese in runoff from its coal pile storage yard...

Deux Montagnes - Mobile ACTIFLO® Dredging


In order to avoid sediment transfer from the dredging loca on, the Total Suspended Solids (TSS) had to be limited to avoid the transfer of material. The TSS value to be respected was less than 25 mg/L. 

How to increase plant capacity and lower TIN levels?


Kruger's AnoxKaldnes IFAS process has increased plant capacity to 8 MGD and demonstrates TIN levels of less than 5 mg/L.

How to reduce biosolids disposal costs and increase plant capacity?


The BioCon allowed the City of Buffalo to increase its' biosolids capacity to 1,850 tons of dry solids per year. The ERS provides over 80% of heat for the dryer from renewable fuels, and reduces the biosolids mass by 95%.

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