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Pearl GTL (Shell) | Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

Oil & Gas

Veolia provides sustainable ZLD water management solution to Qatar Petroleum and Shell at Pearl GTL complex

Alkim Alkali Kimya A.S. | Soldium Sulfate Crystallization System

Chemical Processing

Alkim selected Veolia WaterTechnologies to design and supply the system to process natural deposits into purified sodium sulfate.

Dominion Salt | Multiple-effect Salt Crystallizer Expansion

Chemical Processing

Dominion Salt once again contracted Veolia Water Technologies to upgrade the salt plant. Dominion Salt would increase capacity from 5.2 tonnes per hour to 9.6 tonnes per hour production.

Abengoa | Stillage Evaporation & Concentration System


Abengoa contacted Veolia Water Technologies to discuss alternative process designs that would be a reliable solution to the issues associated with water removal from thin stillage.

PRO-TEC Coating Company | Leipsic, Ohio USA

Primary Metals

The goal of the system was to recover the spent caustic degreaser to a specified rate and quality for reuse with a vastly reduced quantity of waste generated from the process.

ThyssenKrupp | Water & Wastewater Treatment for Steelmaking

Primary Metals

Veolia Water Technologies was contracted to design, build and operate the industrial water supply and wastewater treatment projects for ThyssenKrupp Stainless Steel in Calvert, Alabama.

Desalinated Water for Irrigation


Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies was contracted to engineer a seawater reverse osmosis system for golf course irrigation including a second pass will be able to generate high quality water for the resort.

Veolia FGD-Zero Liquid Discharge system

Power Generation

The high-quality distillate produced from recovery of the wastewater from the FGD purge system is utilized throughout the plant.

American Soda | Soda Ash Production

Chemical Processing

Innovative process development and pilot testing, Veolia helped American Soda reach their goal to produce exceptional high-quality soda ash and high-purity sodium bicarbonate from natural nacholite deposits.

Hovensa | Refinery Wastewater Treatment

Oil & Gas

This facilty replaced 3 lagoons with aboveground treatment that improves operational flexibility and reuse of the existing facilities.

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