Combined-Cycle Water Treatment System

The Client’s Needs

The client was in need of both a raw water and wastewater treatment system for its new 1,100-megawatt (MW) natural gas-fired combined cycle power station that was being built to replace an existing 400-MW coal-fired plant that had been decommissioned previously.  

The Solution

Veolia's Actiflo Clarification System

The client contracted Veolia Water Technologies to engineer, procure and supply a 6,000 gallons per minute (GPM) raw water treatment system and a 1,200-GPM wastewater treatment system. 

The raw water system utilizes two Actiflo® clarification units treating up to 6,000 GPM of water from the local river. The treated water will be used for both cooling tower make-up and service water for the plant. 

The wastewater system will treat 1,200 GPM of cooling tower blowdown prior to discharge back to the river. It is processed in a two-step treatment consisting of two chemical reaction tanks for coagulation, precipitation and flocculation followed Veolia’s patented Hydrotech™ Discfilters. 

By utilizing Veolia’s packaged technologies, such as Actiflo and Discfilter, the client not only was able to meet performance expectations but also reduced its total project installation cost.