Devon Energy - Jackfish 2 (J2) Project

Deoiling - AUTOFLOT® Induced Gas Flotation (ISF)

The Client's Needs

AUTOFLOT® - IGF Deoiling technology
AUTOFLOT - IGF Deoiling technology at the Devon J2 Project - Alberta

Devon has identified sufficient oil sands in the Athabasca region of Alberta to support an additional 35,000 barrel per day (5,565 m3/d) standalone project. Devon's Jackfish 2 (J2) Project will use Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) and could produce 35,000 barrels per day of bitumen for twenty years. Total recoverable reserves for J2 are estimated at over 300 million barrels.

Devon needed a solution for oil removal from its future produced water at the J2 site. They were seeking a solution that is robust, compact, easy to install and easy to maintain.

The Solution

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies was contracted to provide the design, engineering, fabrication and supply of a full size AUTOFLOT® Model AHP280 Induced Gas Flotation (ISF) unit. Based upon the successful integration of the J2 ISF, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies was subsequently contacted to provide a second ISF unit for Jackfish 3.

Process Description

AUTOFLOT® ISF fabrication for J2 project
AUTOFLOT® ISF fabrication for J2 project

Induced Gas Flotation (ISF) separates oil from produced water or other oily water streams. In ISF systems froth flotation occurs, which is the selective separation of solids and free oil based on the degree of surface hydrophobicity.

Hydrophobic particles will attach to the small gas bubbles added into a mixture of oil, fine solids and water. These particles will float to the surface as a froth and be skimmed into a launder. The introduction of gas is performed by an eductor, which uses effluent as its motive fluid, provided by one of the two recirculation pumps located on a companion skid package.

The eductor introduces fine gas bubbles and a downcomer within each of four cells evenly distributes the fine bubbles throughout the separation chamber.

Technical Data

Flow Rate

4,092 GPM/932m3/hr

Inlet Oil Content

100 mg/l

Outlet Oil Content

10 mg/l (90% removal) 

Operating Pressure 

0.145 psig (1kPag)

Operating temperature

194°F (90°C)


70' L x 21' H x 19' W

Scope of Supply: Design, engineering, fabrication, and site delivery