Grande Paroisse, Mazingarbe - France

Installation and operation of a reverse osmosis unit upstream from the existing demineralization line.

The client

A subsidiary of Arkema (Total Group), Grande Paroisse is one of the major companies in the fertilizers market and is considered as the leading French and second largest European.

Grande Paroisse has nine plants in France, including the Mazingarbe site, which is specialized in the production of nitric acid, ammonium nitrates and nitrogen fertilizers. On its Mazingarbe site, Grande Paroisse has a demineralization plant with two Cf/CF/Af lines of 80 m3 per hour, enabling it to produce 600,000 m3 of demineralized water per year. This water is used directly in the production process. Low anionic resin polishing techniques will be used to supply the site boiler.

Client's needs

The Mazingarbe plant wanted to modernize its water treatment facilities to increase its productivity.

Existing demineralization lines were obsolete and required frequent and extensive maintenance. A replacement solution was needed.

Our solution

To meet the needs of Grande Paroisse, Veolia Water took over the financing, installation and operation of a reverse osmosis unit, with a flow rate of 90 m3/h, upstream from the existing demineralization line.

In the event of default of the osmosis unit, a bypass incorporated to process the raw water directly on the demineralization lines, will limit the risk of interruption in the plant's supply.

Technology used:

  • two reverse osmosis lines (pre-filtering and sand filtering + osmosis) with a unit capacity of 45 m3 per hour
  • one buffer tank of osmosis-treated water with a capacity of 200 m3
  • one recovery pump to supply the demineralization lines