Levure Fleischmann, City of Lasalle, QC

Treatment of Process Water

The client

Levure Fleischmann, a yeast production plant, is located in LaSalle near Montreal. Yeast is a micro-organism found in the ground, on plants and in the air. It serves as a catalyst in the fermentation process required to make bread. There are several yeast varieties used for fermenting dough, beer, wine and others. The variety used by Fleischmann for the fermentation of bread dough is saccharomyces cerevisiae.

The client's needs

Levure Fleischmann had a drinking water production plant to feed the yeast production line. However, the existing equipment was outdated in regards to the quality and quantity of water produced. On several occasions, Levure Fleischmann had to buy its water from the City of Montreal in order to fill their needs. The costs generated by the purchase of water and the poor quality of the

Produced water have brought Levure Fleischmann to consider the rehabilitation of their own drinking water plant.

Our solution

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies. proposed the installation of two (2) ACP-400 Actiflo® packaged clarification units in the existing clarifier, increasing the drinking water production capacity from 3,500 m³/d to 8,000m³/d. Regarding the filtration, we replaced the four (4) existing wood filters by two model DUS-400 Dusenflo® packaged filtration units. We also replaced the dosage systems for chemicals as well as the plant controls. Veolia did the detailed engineering for this project, the manufacturing of the treatment units, and finally the piping and installation of this equipment. The achievement of this project allows continuous conformity to process water production standards and insures drinkable water production capacity formany years.