Powerful chemical additive protects boiler at Pulp & Paper Mill

The Client's Needs

As is the case in many Paper Mills, the client was experiencing erratic condensate returns and iron “throw” due to production schedules. This situation impacted feedwater quality and internal boiler chemistry.

While feedwater pH levels were maintained within control ranges, the iron levels and erratic chemical treatment created an unstable boiler water quality. Boiler pH levels were low and unable to maintain the desired Magnetite iron oxide surfaces necessary to protect from corrosion. As well, boiler Phosphate levels were often below control limits, further increasing the potential for corrosion.

The Solution

After surveying the utility boiler/condensate system and documenting thethe problems the mill was having, Veolia proposed the use of their HydrexTM ProtectAll technology. ProtectAll is a single drum approach containing a blend of Film forming amines, Neutralizing amines and dispersants designed to:

  • Maintain a uniform pH profile across the steam cycle
  • Establish a hydrophobic barrier between system metallurgy & water, while promoting nucleate boiling
  • Promote cleaning of existing boiler deposits


After 6 months, daily test results show the impact of the HydrexTM ProtectAll technology. pH profiles across the system have risen and stabilized, reducing the risk of corrosion. Reduced Iron levels confirm the impact ProtectAll has had on corrosion. Millipore filter results began to show improvement after only 2 weeks of ProtectAll treatment, and have remained free of iron, in spite of the erratic operational schedule of the paper machine in the mill.

Additional ProtectAll Benefits

In addition to the improvements noted above, ProtectAllTM provided additional benefits:

  • Increased boiler cycles from 10 to 75, reducing water, chemical and energy consumption
  • Increased Condensate return due to improved quality & lower iron levels
  • Boiler Silica levels stabilized, improving Steam purity and minimizing potential for turbine deposition
  • Improved Dryer can protection & eliminated the need for satellite amine feed, thus improving the thermal profile across the paper machine & improving product quality