ThyssenKrupp Stainless USA and ThyssenKrupp Steel USA

Calvert, Alabama

Industrial water supply and wastewater treatment facilities at ThyssenKrupp utilize the latest technology to safeguard the environment while providing flexibility for future growth

Sustainable Water Treatment uses ACTIFLO® Turbo sand-ballasted clarification technology

ACTIFLO® Wastewater System

ThyssenKrupp's corporate commitment to sustainability required the water treatment systems serving the manufacturing operations to utilize the latest technology to safeguard the environment while providing flexibility for future growth as various production operations were brought online. Veolia Water Technologies was contracted to design, build and operate the new industrial water supply and wastewater treatment projects at the facilities located in north Mobile County, Alabama.

Water Treatment Solutions utilize patented Veolia technologies to produce clarified high-quality water

AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR

The river water treatment system was designed to supply 14.4 MGD of clarified water to the facility's manufacturing operations. Four of Veolia's patented ACTIFLO® systems were installed with one unit acting as a spare to handle the fluctuating volume and maintain an adequate water supply to the new steelmaking facilities.

The 5.8 MGD wastewater treatment system was sized to meet the needs of the manufacturing operations at full production levels. The wastewater system includes AnoxKaldnes™ Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) integrated with an actived sludge process for organics removal, our proprietary Turbomix® reactor for metals precipitation, and two ACTIFLO®Turbo units for sand-ballasted clarification. The combination of these technologies enables the treatment process to produce high-quality water within a very small footprint.

Water Treatment design-build projects were completed with exemplary safety record, on schedule and under budget

Veolia Water Technologies completed the design-build projects with value-added engineering and an exemplary safety record, on schedule and under the budget originally projected. Veolia will provide long-term operation of the systems under a 10-year agreement that provides the added benefit of guaranteeing system performance. The agreement includes services for operations and maintenance, and chemical supply.