The ROSS™ System | SAGD Produced Water

SAGD Produced Water Treatment

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The ROSS System is easily integrated into existing SAGD produced water treatment systems

Ideal for Additional Capacity or Expansion

The ROSS™ System from Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies is a simplified, yet robust solution for the treatment of SAGD produced water.

Based on CeraMem® ceramic membrane technology, this system provides removal of oil and silica as well as softening of SAGD produced water simultaneously in a fully modular process train. When compared to conventional treatment, the ROSS System is a more effective, reliable, and operator-friendly treatment process in a significantly smaller footprint.

Due to its modular design and construction, the ROSS System is well suited for incremental capacity expansions to oil production facilities. It is also an ideal solution for additions to facilities to ease bottlenecks in production from existing, underperforming or undersized water treatment plants.

Effective Alternative to Conventional Treatment

Positive Barrier Against Upsets

In the case of Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) production, facilities typically recycle over 90% of produced water to generate steam for production. The closed water cycle makes produced water treatment a critical portion of the overall oil production operation.

Conventional treatment is comprised of a skim tank, Induced Gas Floatation (IGF), Oil Removal Filter (ORF), Warm Lime Softener (WLS), After Filter (AF) and Weak Acid Cation (WAC) resin softening. As a complex process train with no barrier technologies to stop the transmission of upsets, conventional treatment is especially vulnerable to upsets.

The unpredictable and rapid onset of upsets in the produced water treatment process often results in unplanned maintenance and production losses. The ROSS System, based on ceramic membrane technology, provides an absolute barrier against upsets, which are characterized by rapid increase of suspended solids and oils.

Conventional Treatment of SAGD Produced Water

The ROSS System for SAGD Produced Water

ROSS™ System block diagram

Oil & Grease removal • Silica removal • Suspended Solids removal

Robust System Produces High-Quality Effluent

Fewer Unit Operations - System Reliability

Based on CeraMem® ceramic membrane technology, the ROSS System produces a high-quality effluent for reuse. Comprised of only two unit operations, it is a simple, robust system with a >25% reduced footprint when compared to conventional treatment schemes for SAGD produced water.

Modular Design

The modular design provides a truly scalable system that allows flexibility for system sizing and capacity expansions when required. This design also has generally shorter equipment delivery times as well as substantially lower total system installation costs.

Typical Performance for SAGD Produced Water†

Attribute Feed Permeate

 Temperature (C°)



 Reactive silica (ppm)



Turbidity (NTU)



Oil & grease (PPM)



TOC (ppm)



Silt density index



† - Based on 12 month field trial on SAGD produced water

†† - Membrane capable of operating temperature >100°C