11/13/2013 - Plainfield, IL. USA

ERA Brine Concentrator Startup Marks Unique Approach to Mine Water Management

ERA's Brine Concentrator from Veolia
The brine concentrator system is a long-term solution to ERA's process water management

For Immediate Release

Plainfield, Illin., USA, Nov. 13, 2013 - The startup of the Brine Concentrator System at the Ranger uranium mine site in the Northern Territory of Australia demonstrates Energy Resources of Australia Ltd.'s (ERA) commitment and investment towards their long-term water management strategy. The system, supplied by Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, will treat mine process water to produce 1,830 megalitres of clean water annually (1.3 million gallons per day). The project will play an integral part in the progressive rehabilitation activities at the mine.

The system, based on HPD® evaporation technology from Veolia, was delivered nearly three months earlier than scheduled through close collaboration between Veolia and ERA. An early delivery was important to ERA as their detailed water inventory modeling indicated a need for the capacity to treat large volumes of water. Despite the accelerated schedule, there were no safety incidents in the more than 700,000 man hours logged during equipment fabrication, construction, and system commissioning.

"The Brine Concentrator is a critical component of ERA's future as the successful treatment of process water is key to rehabilitating the site and ensuring our water balances are in full control," remarked ERA Chief Executive Rob Atkinson. "Without the Brine Concentrator I don't believe ERA has a future."

Veolia's industrial operating group in Australia lent their assistance in the early design stages of the Brine Concentrator and was subsequently awarded an interim operations and maintenance contract by ERA for the system. Early involvement of Veolia Australia's operations team allowed an operator's perspective to be incorporated into the design. The Veolia operations team also provided for a smooth transition from system checkout and commissioning to full operation while allowing ERA to focus their staff in other areas of the mine.