01/20/2014 - Calagary, AB, Canada

Veolia Produced Water Evaporation System for SAGD Project Starts Up in Third Quarter of 2013

Veolia SAGD evaporators
Veolia's SAGD evaporators treat produced water from this 40,000 bbl/d facility

For Immediate Release

Calgary, AB, Canada, Jan. 20, 2014 - A SAGD Produced Water Evaporation System, awarded to Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies in 2010, was successfully started up late in the third quarter of 2013. This system, supplied to a major exploration and production company in Canada, is now the largest evaporation system operating in Alberta. The system will treat the produced water associated with the production of 40,000 barrels of bitumen per day (bbl/d).

Comprised of three HPD® Evaporators, the system utilizes Veolia's Silica Sorption™ Process, which enables the controlled precipitation of silica within the HPD Evaporators. This offers the important benefit of removing the silica as a potential foulant to the produced water processing equipment, a potential foulant to the disposal well piping system, and a foulant to the disposal well formation.

Since its startup, the Veolia system has operated continuously after first steam injection and subsequent, initial oil production.As the SAGD facility progresses towards its full production rate slated by late 2014, the produced water treatment system will reach its nameplate capacity.