04/13/2016 - Plainfield, IL, USA

5th Annual Veolia Water Technologies Scholarship Awarded at SME

Jill Browning, Veolia Water Technologies' Marketing Manager for the mining sector, presented the scholarship to Travis Borrillo-Hutter of the Colorado School of Mines

Veolia Water Technologies sponsored a $2,000 scholarship at the Society of Mining, Metallurgy, & Exploration (SME) 2016 Annual Meeting & Exhibit in Phoenix, Arizona. One specific criterion for the Veolia scholarship was that the applicants show an interest in pursuing a career in water-related matters within the mining industry.

Travis Borrillo-Hutter, a graduate student at the Colorado School of Mines, was the proud recipient of the 2016 Veolia $2,000 scholarship. Travis has demonstrated excellent academic marks as well as experienced firsthand the importance of water and the environment while leading a small group of students to improve water quality for several indigenous communities in the interior rainforest of Suriname by reclaiming land impacted by upstream, small-scale gold mining activity.

This is the fifth consecutive year that Veolia has awarded a scholarship in addition to those that SME offers. As the world leader in water treatment, Veolia is proud to once again sponsor this scholarship that assists the educational process of a future leader in the mining industry.