08/08/2016 - Vandalia, OH

MadTree Brewing selects Veolia Water Technologies to support its future expansion and growth

Sirion™ Mega 100 GPM Reverse Osmosis 

Craft brewer to incorporate Veolia’s Sirion™ Reverse Osmosis technology to produce high purity water.

Fast growing and critically acclaimed Cincinnati craft brewer MadTree Brewing has chosen Veolia Water Technologies’ Sirion Mega Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology solution to ensure water quality control as the brewer undergoes a planned expansion.

The 100 GPM (gallons per minute) RO unit produces high purity water, removing up to 97% of dissolved inorganic and more than 99% of large dissolved organic material, colloids and particles—providing consistent water quality for MadTree’s beer production process. Any excess output from the RO will be directed to the boiler as water make-up thereby further delivering increased water & energy efficiency in operations.

Currently producing approximately 25,000 barrels of beer a year, the brewery expansion will increase production to 35,000 barrels annually. Furthermore there is enough room to support future growth by adding potential capacity to boost output to 180,000 barrels.

According to co-founder Jeff Hunt, maintaining product quality was the brewer’s over-riding objective when it contemplated expanding production to meet increased customer demand. "Since water makes up 95% of beer, water quality plays an important part influencing our beer’s flavor profile. As we planned for our new, expanded production facility it was critical to us to be able to control the incoming water of our brewing process to insure we maintained consistent quality and taste of the beers. As such, we didn't want a standard RO unit.”

Hunt continued: “What we found most appealing about Veolia's RO technology was its ability to provide feedback, which will allow us to fine-tune the incoming water as needed to be able to produce the high quality of beers our customers expect. Moving ahead we are fortunate to be able to call upon Veolia's industry experience and technological expertise to help make sure we maintain the high quality standards that have fueled our growth.”

As part of the largest water company in the world, Veolia Water Technologies enjoys a commanding presence in the beer brewing industry with more than 150 – and growing – brewery customers globally. Veolia’s more than 350 proprietary technologies support its solutions and service value across the entire spectrum of the brewing process – from product & process water, to water recycling and wastewater solutions.

“We’ve seen the explosive growth in the craft brewing sector of the market, particularly in the U.S.,” said Ted Lawson, Marketing Director for Veolia Water Technologies, “and we recognize the growing needs these brewers have for improving both process water and wastewater treatment. We are committed to leveraging our technical knowledge and experience to add value by helping emerging brewers grow and succeed.”