10/01/2018 - Calavaras County, CA USA

Combating influent water quality issues related to weather extremes and wild fires with Veolia’s Actiflo® technology

Veolia Water Technologies Inc. has been awarded a contract to supply an Actiflo® clarification system to the Jenny Lind Water Treatment Plant in California.

Veolia will provide a pre-fabricated 6 MGD Actiflo® Package System to the Jenny Lind Water Treatment Plant. The source for this facility is the Calaveras River that is prone to spikes in NTU (< 100 NTU) and TOC (< 10 mg/L) from wild fire ash washed down during wet weather events. It is during these spikes in influent conditions that the current plant struggles to maintain production. The Actiflo system will operate as pretreatment to the existing plant, produce settled water with ≤ 10 NTU (TOC < 2 mg/L) especially during upset conditions, and enable the water treatment plant to maintain operation over a wide variety of influent conditions.

The Actiflo system, expected to be commissioned in the fall of 2018, also includes a High Concentration Sludge (HCS) system that will aid in reducing the volume of sludge produced. With over 1000 installations worldwide, the Actiflo technology has a proven track record, not only effectively clarifying turbid water, but also treating a multitude of different water pollutants. The compact footprint, cost-efficient maintenance and high degree of operational flexibility of the Actiflo system will give the Calaveras County Water District a clarification technology that can meet and adapt to all of its drinking water treatment needs for years to come.