02/01/2019 - Littleton, CO USA

Bringing Smart Water Solutions to Colorado

Roxborough Water and Sanitation District (RWSD) has awarded a contract to Veolia Water Technologies, Inc. for the implementation of AQUAVISTA™ Portal and Assist for their water treatment facility in Littleton, Colorado. AQUAVISTA™ is a digital services platform from Veolia Water Technologies, which offers a wide and flexible range of customized digital solutions for water treatment systems.

RWSD is capable of producing 8 MGD of high quality drinking water for this growing community just south of the Denver metro area. Systems that will be supported by AQUAVISTA™ include 3 existing ACTIFLO® trains in operation since 2017, chemical feed systems, polishing sand filters, the finished water pumping system and their UV disinfection system.

The ACTIFLO® process has the ability to remove over 99% of turbidity, discolorations, iron and other contaminants from the raw water source used for the treatment plant. The small process footprint allowed RWSD to save an estimated 30% on the total installed costs for the facility.

To further aid the facility in reducing operational costs and capital expenditures, and improving efficiency and stability, RWSD has selected AQUAVISTA™ Portal and Assist, Veolia’s smart water solution. RWSD General Manager, Barbara Biggs states, “Roxborough Water and Sanitation District chose AQUAVISTA™ Portal and Assist to help us optimize the operation of our new water treatment plant to control costs, manage maintenance, and document regulatory compliance. Over time, the AQUAVISTA™ algorithm will anticipate process changes in response to changing water supply characteristics and streamline our operations. And access to Veolia’s team of process experts will be a real asset to our operators.”

AQUAVISTA™ Portal will give RWSD a single point of reference for all information related to their system in real-time and AQUAVISTA™ Assist will provide an added layer of support to the operator at RWSD with regular reviews of system performance by Veolia process experts.