07/23/2019 - South Adams County, CO

South Adams County Water Softening Project 2020

Veolia Water Technologies Inc. has been awarded a contract to supply pellet softening technology and Aquavista™ digital solution to South Adams County Water and Sanitation District in Colorado.

South Adams County Water and Sanitation District (SACWSD) formed a Hardness Advisory Committee (HAC) in 2017 to get community recommendations on the course of action for addressing water hardness in the District’s potable supply. After looking at numerous options, HAC suggested, and the Board of Directors approved the WSP2020, which will implement a pellet softening hardness treatment. Working with Carollo Engineers and Moltz Construction, Veolia will provide three 4.6 MGD pellet softening reactors to treat an average influent hardness of 300-350 mg/L. The system will consist of pellet softening flow distribution nozzles, six pellet transfer pumps, a seed silo and washer, two PLC based control panels, valves and actuators, instrumentation and local control panels.

Veolia’s cloud-based Aquavista™ performance monitoring system will also be provided with many benefits to SACWSD while taking advantage of the latest instrumentation and IoT functionality. Aquavista™ Portal will provide remote data monitoring for the pellet softening system and provide access from any internet enabled device.

Veolia was selected based on pellet softening experience, cost savings and a cloud-based digital offer.