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Bringing Smart Water Solutions to Colorado

02/01/2019 - Littleton, CO USA

Roxborough Water and Sanitation District (RWSD) has awarded a contract to Veolia Water Technologies, Inc. for the implementation of AQUAVISTA™ Portal and Assist for their water treatment facility in Littleton, Colorado. 

Combating influent water quality issues related to weather extremes and wild fires with Veolia’s Actiflo® technology

10/01/2018 - Calavaras County, CA USA

Veolia Water Technologies Inc. has been awarded a contract to supply an Actiflo® clarificationsystem to the Jenny Lind Water Treatment Plant in California.

Combating Wet Weather Overflow in King County, WA


Veolia Water Technologies, specialized in water and wastewater treatment solutions, has been awarded a contract to supply an Actiflo® clarification system to the Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station (WWTS) in the State of Washington.   

Veolia Water Technologies Presents ‘Paradigm Shift’ as Land-Based Aquaculture Companies Scale Up to Accommodate Increased Global Demand for Salmon

03/16/2018 - Pittsburgh, PA

At the 2018 Aquaculture America Conference in Las Vegas, Veolia aquaculture expert, Frédéric Gaumet, Ph. D., presented common production challenges land-based aquaculture companies will face as it prepares to meet the exponentially increasing global salmon demand.

Veolia Awards 7th Annual Veolia Water Technologies Scholarship at SME

03/12/2018 - Minneapolis, MN

Veolia Water Technologies sponsored a $2,000 scholarship at the Society of Mining, Metallurgy, & Exploration (SME) 2018 Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Minneapolis, MN.  

Veolia to supply world’s largest Discfilter system to City of Houston, proving everything really is bigger in Texas


The City of Houston, TX, has awarded a contract to Veolia Water Technologies, Inc. to supply a Hydrotech Discfilter system for tertiary treatment at its 69th Street Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

Veolia to supply raw water and demineralized water systems for Hickory Run Energy power station


Kiewit Power Constructors Co. has chosen Veolia Water Technologies, Inc. to engineer and procure both the Raw and Demineralized Water Treatment Systems for Hickory Run Energy's new natural gas combined-cycle power plant, Hickory Run.

Veolia’s HPD® Evaporator and Crystallizer Technology Chosen by North American Lithium


Veolia Water Technologies will supply its proprietary HPD® Evaporation and Crystallization technology to recover lithium from a mining waste stream, reducing environmental impact and producing a valuable by-product in sodium sulfate.

Veolia Hosts Educational Seminar on Improving Water Resource Management for Leading Food & Beverage Manufacturers

06/22/2017 - Charlotte, NC

Veolia Water Technologies, a global leader in water and wastewater treatment, hosted an educational event on June 7, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The purpose of the event was to support the food and beverage manufacturing community by increasing awareness related to water resource management and environmental compliance. 

Veolia’s MVR salt crystallization system chosen by China Salt


Veolia Water Technologies’ well-proven crystallization system will be used to process un-treated sodium chloride feed brine, producing 800,000 tons per annum of 99.85%, or better, NaCl. This food grade salt produced from the sodium chloride brine will then be sold all over China as everyday table salt and so has to comply with the cleanliness and hygiene standards of the industry.

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