WEFTEC 2017 Highlights

Thank you for joining Veolia Water Technologies at WEFTEC 2017 at the McCormick Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois (Booth 2048). 

Veolia experts and technologists from around the world will be presented several technical papers and case studies, demonstrating advanced water and wastewater technologies, and meeting with industry professionals.

Visit the WEFTEC 2017 event website to learn more.

Introducing Aquavista™

Smarter Water Management

Veolia's Aquavista™ Launch - a powerful cloud-based portal and remote management tool designed to maximize control and increase operational efficiency of your water treatment system. Aquavista™ seamlessly consolidates Veolia’s water treatment equipment, performance data, service interactions, and documentation into a robust dashboard that can be accessed from any location, 24/7. 

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Leading the Way in Municipal & Industrial Water / Wastewater Treatment

As the leading water company in the world, Veolia understands the unique characteristics of both municipal and industrial water treatment. 

Veolia representatives specializing in the following sectors were onsite to discuss the technologies and treatment processes for your specific application"

  • Municipal
  • Oil and Gas
  • Food & Beverage
  • Chemical Processing
  • Power
  • Mining 

Innovative Technologies on Display at WEFTEC

Process specialists were onsite to provide personal demonstrations of these technologies and discuss the best processes for your specific application.

The following technologies will be on display at the Veolia Water Technologies Booth. 

Veolia’s WEFTEC Technical Paper Presentations

Billund Biorefinery: How WWTPs Can Contribute to a Circular Economy
Author: Theis Nikolaj Gadegaard (Room S505a; Session 210)

Phenol and Benzene Removal in a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor: A Review of Operating Data
Author: Caroline Dale (Room S405b; Session 304)

Start-Up of Sidestream Deammonification at MWRDGC’s John E. Egan Water Reclamation Plant
Author: Margaret Hollowed-(Room N426b; Session 305)

Pilot and Full-Scale Results Demonstrate Primary Treatment Capabilities of Hydrotech Woven Cloth Filters
Author: Mark Stewart (Room S505b; Session 321)

Influence of Sample Pretreatment and Weather Conditions on Grit Characteristics
Author: Alain Gadbois (Room S505b; Session 405)

Oil-Field Produced Water Treatment Using Integrated Forward Osmosis and Membrane Distillation Process
Author: Herve Buisson (Room S502b; Session 602)

Development of the World's First Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) and Biological Aerated Filter (BAF) Hybrid System: Lessons Learned Through 2 Years of Full Scale Operation at the Cornwall, Ontario, Canada WWTP
Author: Mark Drake (Room S402b; Session 604)

Veolia Booth Mobile Technical Sessions

Developing a Flexible High-Performance Environmentally Sustainable Wastewater Treatment System for Brewery Wastewater – A Long Term Performance Case Study of Sierra Nevada WWTP Presented by Graig Rosenberger

Waste to Bioenergy - a Synergistic Approach” Presented by Sudhakar Viswanathan

Comparison of Wastewater Treatment Systems at Two Greenfield Ethane Cracker Plants Presented by Bill Perpich