Veolia Events

Water is a precious resource and is becoming increasingly scarce. Veolia Water Technologies is committed to helping professionals best manage this resource by holding educational seminars and webinars. 

These events provide attendees with the opportunity to connect with the world's most knowledgeable and innovative experts in water and wastewater treatment. Guests will gain practical insights about the latest trends, technologies, services, and information on how to most efficiently manage water at their own facility. 

Water Treatment Strategies to Ensure Environmental Compliance

Mississagua, ON | November 14, 2019

Do you need help ensuring environmental compliance and maintaining a social license to operate?

At this one day seminar, global water experts will share the latest advancements in water technologies to help mines reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance sustainability, all while remaining compliant! This seminar will also focus on technologies utilized in the remediation process in order to give life back to contaminated surface and groundwater.

How To Improve Mine Water Management While Ensuring Environmental Compliance

Reno, NV | December 3, 2019

Join Veolia for a free, one-day educational seminar on best practices and techniques for mine water management!

Deoiling Solutions for Oil & Gas Companies

Thursday - October 17 (1PM - 1:45PM EST)

Oil & Gas producers and refiners seek water deoiling solutions for produced water, raw water, waste water applications, and ground water remediation to ensure better environmental stewardship and compliance. Join us as we discuss deoiling solutions with high capacity, efficiency, and longevity. This webinar will discuss primary, secondary, and tertiary oil water separation. We will review an upstream and downstream case study, and answer basic questions on: Flotation Solutions, Corrugated Plate Separators, Hydrocyclones, Nutshell Filtration, and Macro Porous Polymer Extraction (MPPE).  

High Recovery Membrane Technologies for the Oil & Gas Industry

Thursday - November 7 (1PM - 1:45PM EST)

This webinar will discuss high recovery membrane technologies used in the Oil & Gas industry. ROSS™ technology combines chemical softening, settling, and membrane filtration for treatment of upstream produced water generated from Oil & Gas exploration and production operations. ROSS technology removes oil & grease, particulate solids, bacteria, and scale-formers from process wastewater streams. OPUS® II Technology is a proprietary Optimized Pretreatment and Unique Separation process that utilizes ROSS technology followed by ion exchange softening and elevated pH reverse osmosis. OPUS II technology is designed for high fouling/scaling applications, such as the treatment of produced water, cooling tower blowdown, and refinery wastewater. OPUS II is a robust membrane treatment approach that can achieve high water recovery and stringent water quality requirements. The webinar will briefly discuss case studies of these technologies in upstream and downstream Oil & Gas applications.

High-Performance Wastewater Treatment for Food & Beverage Facilities

Available On-Demand

Risks from sewer discharge violation notices and increased sewer surcharge costs are causing a strain on operational performance.

This webinar will cover these issues and discuss the various technologies available to help companies succeed in their wastewater treatment challenges.