Live Educational Webinar Series

May 2020 Technical Presentations with Leading Water Experts

We are Committed to Providing Educational Resources During this Unprecedented Time

At Veolia, we are committed to continue essential services to the industries and municipalities we serve. This commitment expands to professionals, like you, by supporting you in the pursuit of expanding your knowledge in the advancements and best practices related to water and wastewater treatment. 

Below is our schedule of live interactive webinar events with leading water and wastewater experts. We hope you are able to join us at one of these presentations.

Two Things You Should Know About Grit Removal

Wednesday, May 6 at 2 PM EST

Grit removal is a vital first line of defense for many WWTPs. This webinar explains how to define "good performance", and presents the world's first installation of an innovative new grit removal technology.

The Art of Screening System Selection

Wednesday, May 13 at 2 PM EST

To be optimal, the selection of a screening system needs to build upon the specific needs of each application. It is therefore essential to clearly understand the main criteria to consider (expected protection level, performance targeted, hydraulic constraints, budget) and their differences from one system to another.

Maximizing TSS and FOG Removal while Reducing Associated Sludge Disposal Costs Using the Unique GEM Flotation-Thickening System (Food & Bev. Applications - Available in Canada Only)

Tuesday, May 19 at 2 PM EST

Too often, the performance of a DAF is only associated with removal rates on MES and O&G. In reality, the most important performance of a DAF is the volume of sludge it produces. It is indeed the cost of disposal of this sludge that represents the biggest part of the total cost of ownership of the equipment. The webinar presents the "GEM revolution", the only flotation-thickening system that generates more than 4 times less sludge than conventional DAFs while outperforming them as well on removal rates. Special focus on Food & Bev applications.

Get Ready for Climate Change Issues and Resiliency with the Actiflo!

Tuesday, May 26 at 2 PM EST

Cities are facing new threats, such as climate change, requiring the implementation of resilience strategies. They must adapt and strengthen their water treatment infrastructures in order to cope with sudden variations in flow and water quality, increased presence of algae, effects of forest fires, oil spills, etc. Actiflo has demonstrated its robustness and performances to address these issues. Within the Actiflo family some models cover an even wider range of risks: elimination of NOM, tastes and odors, pesticides, emerging pollutants (endocrine disruptors, pharmaceuticals), and cyanotoxins . The presentation describes the technology, and shows its performance via the results of some installations.

Crystal Clear: Crystallization of Water-Soluble Fertilizers

Wednesday, May 27 at 10 AM EST

In this webinar, we'll explore the power of crystallization technology to separate and purify water-soluble fertilizers. Join in to learn how crystallization technology makes fertilizer crystals not only highly pure but also fully-soluble for specialty fertigation and foliar applications. Along the way, fertilizer producers will uncover the value brought by crystallization: more diversification, less risk and cost, as well as more sustainability with less waste.

Stormwater Control Solution with Hydrovex Products (Available in Canada Only)

Wednesday, May 27 at 2 PM EST

Effective and efficient control of stormwater is vital to a successful urban drainage plan. During a storm event, all of impermeable surfaces runoff. All of this surface runoff eventually finds its way into the sewers. Left uncontrolled, large volumes of water would enter the sewer system instantaneously, resulting in a hydraulically surcharged system, high flow velocities and increased wear. Source control of stormwater with Hydrovex products allows for a gradual release of the retained volume into the sewer over time.This webinar presents Veolia Water Technologies Canada's Hydrovex product family and associated design tools.

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Control and Treatment Options with Actiflo

Thursday, May 28 at 2PM EST

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) often ends up untreated in the receiving stream. The intermittent nature of CSO events along with very high flows involved makes treatment of this wastewater stream challenging for most processes. The Actiflo ballasted clarification system is very well adapted to this application, and can be combined with primary, secondary or tertiary treatment to increase the overall WWTP effluent quality year-round. This webinar describes the Actiflo technology illustrated with examples of existing installations.

Note: Webinar schedule and topics are subject to change.