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Hydrotech Discfilter

06/08/2016 | Municipal Solutions

You won’t believe what Veolia does every day

04/28/2016 | Corporate

Did you know Veolia is able to generate green power from olive pits or coffee grounds? Or to power cars with biofuel made from frying oil?... 

Discover the amazing feats that the group achieves every day for its clients.

Campo Dalias SeaWater Desalination Plant

04/26/2016 | Municipal Solutions

With a treatment capacity of 97,200 cubic meters per day, the Campo Dalías seawater desalination plant in the province of Almeria, at the southeast of Spain, is one of the largest desalination plants in Europe

Veolia Water Technologies - 2016

04/19/2016 | Corporate

Communities and industry around the world rely on Veolia Water Technologies' water and wastewater treatment innovations. 

Zero Liquid Discharge for SAGD: RLD+D3=ZLD

11/23/2015 | Oil & Gas

Veolia has developed a method to reduce waste volumes from SAGD/EOR produced water treatment to achieve ZLD.

Bruce Bishop Interview: CERAWeek 2015

04/29/2015 | Oil & Gas

Bruce Bishop, Vice President at Veolia at veolia Water Technologies, is interviewed about CeraMem® Ceramic Membrane Technology's impact on oil & gas applications. 

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