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ANITA™ Mox Removes Nitrogen at the Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility

07/10/2019 | Municipal Solutions

Veolia's compact deammonification technology helps the Metro Wastewatwer Reclamation District maintain stable high-quality final effluent, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of ammonia and nitrogen removal

Water Online Radio - Michael Pudvay

01/16/2019 | Power Generation

Veolia's power expert, Michael Pudvay, discusses the trend of secondary municipal effluent being utilized for raw water make-up including its use at a new power station in Pennsylvania. 

Protecting Our Seas and Oceans

06/10/2018 | Corporate

Veolia contributes to changing patterns to protect our coasts, seas and oceans, by stopping the pollution from land sources and transform it into resources. How? By turning the actual linear consumption scenario into a circular economy scheme, acting from the land-sea interface and getting to the source of pollution, in a three pronged approach: Treat / Prevent / Transform.

Streamliner™ Hydrocyclone Technology

06/05/2018 | Technologies

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