WaterWorld Magazine's Exhibitor Showcase at WEFTEC 2016

WaterWorld magazine conducted interviews at WEFTEC to answer questions about our business. Learn some surprising details about the world’s largest environmental company in the following videos.

Klaus Andersen, CEO of Veolia Water Technologies in the Americas

Klaus Andersen, CEO of Veolia Water Technologies in the Americas, explains Veolia’s various business models for delivering water, wastewater and energy solutions through more than 350 technologies, large-scale design-build and design-build-operate projects, and service offerings.  

Robert Wenta, Director of Business Development

Did you know that 60% of Veolia’s business in North America is in the Industrial sector? Robert Wenta, Director of Business Development, outlines the company’s focus areas for the Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Mining and Power Generation markets.

Mike Gutshall, Vice President of Municipal Solutions

“Resourcing the World” is Veolia’s tagline, but what does it mean? Mike Gutshall, Vice President of Municipal Solutions, describes how Veolia technologies recover the valuable resources of water and energy and thus exemplify the corporate philosophy.