Automation, control/command know-how serving the water treatment industry

Veolia Water Technologies Canada, is a water-treatment industry leader designing as well as implementing command and control features of the filtration and wastewater treatment plants that it builds.

Today, Veolia values the process automation synergy. Automation know-how is the basis of a new offer in control command engineering for water-treatment specialists.

For users, this opportunity takes shape as an autonomous Automation service package, backed by four major benefits:

  • Intimate knowledge of the water treatment field
  • Multidisciplinary team expertise
  • Recognized experience in the industry
  • Personalized and attentive dealings with plant operators


Proposed services include:

> Creation of plant piping architectures and implementation of the best control/command station ergonomics.

> Definition of equipment through detailed technical specifications of supervision, automation devices, electrical equipment and instrumentation

> Matching of control command with chosen processes, whether they are new, restorations, adaptations or even process modifications.

Implementing: PERFORMANCE

Intervention, which concerns installations and their start-up, features:

> Control/command, notably process programming and reception on test platforms

> Electrical distribution and instrumentation: manufacturing control, follow-up of installations and coordination of sites

Maintenance and services mean EFFICIENCY

For the total duration of operations, AUTOMATION ensures:

> Control and optimisation of exploitation costs

> Remote, on-site, preventive or corrective maintenance

> Use of new technologies such as remote maintenance through Internet, webcams, expert systems, etc.

> Implementation of technical support and training on control command and water-treatment instrumentation

> Organization of expertise and consultation missions

Designing your automation

  • Implementation of your automation programs
  • Man/machine interface screen development
  • Replacement of your outdated PLCs, control doors and panels.