The purpose of water disinfection is to reduce bacterial contamination and make it proper for consumption. In the industrial sector, the water disinfection is a necessity for the food industry in order to produce food and beverages, which meet water quality requirements.

Veolia Water Technologies Canada offers two efficient technological solutions for water disinfection:

  • Pulsafeeder Hypopump pump
  • UV Pure UV Hallett system

The Pulsafeeder Hypopump pump is specifically designed for sodium Hypochlorite. With its auto degassing head, it can face the worst degassing conditions.

The Pulsafeeder Hypopump pump offers a reliable solution for sodium hypochlorite dosage problems. The exclusive patented design of the degas system represents an opportunity for Pulsafeeder to stand out in the growing sector of liquid chlorine titration.

UV-Pure unique design is an efficient solution for ultraviolet disinfection. The UV Hallett systems, certified to the NSF/ANSI 55 Classe A standards is the only UV system on the market.

It comes with the Crossfire patented technology, self-cleaning and self-managed, dedicated to supply pure and safe water. The UV Hallett system offers great flow flexibility of water to be treated while offering the patented Crossfire technology.