Level Measurement

For level control in pumping stations and water or chemical tanks, ultrasound measure is the most used technology. The Radar level meters are designed for the most difficult applications with foam or turbulence.

Greyline and Krohne manufacturers offer the following level measurement technologies:

Greyline level meters measure continuously the water level using ultrasound technology with a no contact sensor. The level meter can be used as a pumping station control or as a tank monitoring system. Sensors can be installed in intrinsic security areas.

The Krohne Optiwave operates on the no contact Radar principle (Modulated Frequency Continuous Wave) with high signal and bandwidth dynamics, allowing high degree of reliability and precision. Optiflex is a Radar wave level meter set on guiding cable or guiding rod. Optiflex will be able to measure in the presence of foam and to detect different phases such as oil on water.

K series float switch

The Kelco float switch is compact, accurate and reliable. It is ideal for use in water, sea water, waste water, and most acids and alkali solutions. Its construction makes it compatible with a wide range of chemicals.