As a leader in the design build industry, Veolia Water Technologies is committed to ensuring safety, promoting good health, and cleaning up the environment. We provide and maintain safe working conditions for all of our employees as well as our subcontractors.

Health & Safety: At the heart of all our activities

Our Health and Safety Program is implemented through Health and Safety Committees that meet regularly to create new initiatives to benefit the health and safety of their fellow employees. Mandatory monthly training is routine for all employees.

Our Safety Commitment is in line with our Corporate Vision and Values.

Safety is a #1 priority, and maintaining a Zero Accident record is our goal, both in our own office locations and at our clients' sites.

A priority at all levels

Project Managers and Construction Managers are the key individuals for implementing and maintaining an effective safety program on our project construction sites.

Each individual is responsible for ensuring that people working under their control are maintaining a safe work environment, and are performing their tasks in a safe manner. Each employee is tasked with following every precaution and safety policy to protect themselves and their fellow workers.

Our safety policies apply to all employees as well as all our subcontractors.

Our safety programs address:

  • techniques for safe performance of work activities
  • proper use and care of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • proper emergency response procedures
  • identification, safe handling and control of hazardous substances
  • location of MSDS sheets, first aid equipment, and fire extinguishers
  • first aid training

All safety training is properly documented. The success of our programs is proven by our safety record. These safety programs will continue to support our zero-accident safety culture.