Smarter Water Solutions with Aquavista™

The new digital services platform from Veolia Water Technologies, Aquavista™ offers a wide and flexible range of customized digital solutions for water treatment systems.

From operators to management, Aquavista™ provides your plant personnel with a tool to efficiently manage plants and water treatment equipment.

The data is aggregated and can be enriched through a suite of intelligent water process applications and algorithms, and stored. All features are available to you in real-time, providing a full dashboard overview of all information needed to make the right business decisions for your plant. 

The added value of Veolia’s digital services

  • Improved asset performance, higher plant efficiency
  • Lower operational and capital costs, reduced maintenance, chemical use and energy consumption
  • Better information with full overview of your equipment or plant from a remote location
  • Optimized efficiency through faster response and proactive intervention to lower risks
  • Increases safety by leveraging predictive analytics to mitigate critical points
  • Minimizes environmental impacts and promotes sustainability
  • Security and reliability through one of the world’s most advanced and secure cloud-based systems
  • Flexibility through an intuitive dashboard adapted to your specifications, needs and existing systems
  • Convenience of monitoring multiple sites anywhere, anytime through a single secure portal


Like many industries, water treatment is being transformed by digitalization and the ability to extract value from traditional water treatment operations through the delivery of data-rich services.

Today’s operators of water and wastewater treatment facilities face an array of challenges, including reducing operational costs and capital expenditures and at the same time improving operating efficiency and reliability.